Mole Club Stationery Holiday Pop-Up

Mole Club Stationery Holiday Pop-Up

You are invited to our Holiday Pop up at LaunchBox Collective this December 9!

On this special day, we'll be introducing my 2024 calendars, new greeting cards, planners and offering wholesale opportunities for Faire. Beyond showcasing our products, the heartfelt goal for this event: to rekindle the art of sending handwritten letters to our loved ones. There will be a space dedicated for those who wish to write on their greeting cards on the spot! The best part is that Mole Club Stationery will cover all postage costs for these cards, as long as they are from our collection. You can rest assured that these greetings will reach their destinations either on or before Christmas Day.

During the event, we will also be offering exclusive discounts on our gift boxes and paper goods available only at LaunchBox.

Mole Club aims to create a cozy and intimate pop-up experience, so we'll have a select few vendors joining us for this event. The pop-up will run from 11 am to 5 pm, and here's a list of the participating vendors:

Coconut Zero
Moon Wolf Provisions
Feather Moon Crystals ( 11 am to 2 pm)

In this digital age, where we often rely on our phones to capture memories, Mole Club will be offering free Polaroid snapshots during the event. You can choose to keep these photos as cherished mementos or include them with your greeting cards. The goal is for this pop-up to be more than just a shopping experience; it should be an opportunity for people to engage in activities like letter writing and capturing memories with Polaroids, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections.


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